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Born Fighters

From the moment a female is conceived, she is already at a disadvantage. She is already labelled in pink: on the cards people buy to congratulate her parents, the clothes that she wears and the gifts that she’s given. From conception a fighter is born.

Women are born fighters. In fact, it’s so inbuilt that we don’t even notice we are fighting. Growing-up we take a lot on the chin. It takes a big hit to knock us down.

We call these knocks ‘life’ and we live our lives to the full. Perhaps to our detriment we put up with a lot. With harassment and discrimination, with being made to feel less worthy.

We fight on. We are emotional warriors. We wear our hearts on our sleeve. We feel compassion and anger. We feel empathy and pain.

IWomen are always fighting something. Even each other. Contrary to the weak, mild-mannered stereotype, we were born to fight. The irony of the label ‘the weaker sex’! We were not born weak.

Weakness is learnt. Weakness is a societal demand. Weakness is thrust upon us to make others feel strong and in control.

But we were born to fight. Women are fighters with their hearts and with their voices. This is what we want our girls to be. It's in our blood.

Author: Alison Hadlow

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